Lubrication, Coolant, Electrical

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170 Bergen TPKE
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Mon-Fri: 8:00am-6:00pm
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The lubrication system forces oil to high friction points in the engine to
protect moving parts from friction,wear, and damage.It is the one of the
most important engine systems affecting engine service life.

  • Reduces friction and wear between moving parts.
  • Help transfer heat away from engine parts
  • Cleans the inside of the engine by removing con-taminants ( metal, dirt, plastic, rubber, and other particles)
  • Cuts power loss and increases fuel economy.
  • Absorbs shocks between moving parts to quiet engine operation and increase engine life.


The coolant service is the anifreeze solution.

  • Should be checked and changed at regular intervals. If it isn't, coolant will break down and become very corrosive.It can lose its rust preventative properties, and the cooling system can rapidly fill with rust.


A dead battery is a common problem.The engine will usually fail to crank and start. If a battery is not maintained properly,its service life will be reduced. Battry maintenance should be done -

  • Checking the electrolyte level or the indicator eye,
  • Cleaning battery terminal connections.
  • Cleaning the battery top.
  • Checking the battery hold-down and tray.
  • Inspecting for physical damage to the case and terminals.

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