Timing Belt,Engine Check,Wipers

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                                                                           Timing Belt

Timing belt service is very important.

 If the timing belt were to break or be timed improperly, engine valves, pistons, and

other parts could be damaged. If the camshaft is out of time with the crankshaft, the

pistons could slide up and hit the open valves.

                                                                   Engine Check

Engine performance problems reduce engine power, lower fuel economy,
engine smoothness, and increase emissions. 

A few common engine mechanical problems include leaking gaskets, worn piston

rings, burned and leaking valves, loose or worn engine bearings, worn timing chains,

and damaged (cracked, broken, scored) engine parts.The problems can occur after

extended service (high mileage), engine overheating, lack of periodic maintenance,

and other types of abuse.


Windshield wiper blades should be inspected periodically. If they are hardened, cut, or split, replace them.

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